About Me
My design journey began in middle school when I created a DragonBall Z RPG website on GeoCities. This early foray into web design ignited my passion for understanding human interaction and interface design. Today, despite the evolving tools and technologies, my drive to connect ideas with experiences remains constant.
In my approach to design, I prioritize understanding the problem before proposing solutions. By focusing on the user's needs, I ensure that my designs serve a purpose beyond aesthetics, fostering authentic connections between users and interfaces. For me, UX design is the art of connecting people with ideas. This passion, coupled with my love for technology and helping others, continues to fuel my growth as a designer.
Beyond design, I find fulfillment in coding, soccer, cinema, and physical fitness. Each interest enriches my perspective and inspires creativity in my work. Let's collaborate to create meaningful experiences that resonate with users on a profound level.