This concept Marketing Agency is a concept full-service digital marketing agency which provides Digital Marketing and business consultancy services.
Interface Design
Experience Design
User Research
• Complicated CJM ( Customer Journey Map).
• Making sure the copy is easy yet not overwhelming.
When conducting user research, at local marketing agencies, I collected information based on what most agencies offer in terms of UI design and services. Other useful information consistent of the UX design of the sites and how information is presented and distributed throught the site.
Design Goals
To build a user centered design that was informative yet not overwhelming for the user.
After gathering information from the user research, the design and structure was more clear. I formed design prototypes for user testing to see how the site would flow and if it flowed well. I then presented the prototypes to other users to get their feedback before adding content to the design.
After receiving feedback, I decided to start the designing process. The hero section needed to be clean yet have an engaging call to action. This is where I included a statistic about the company and how they conduct market research with their services. Having the all to action to learn more about their services.
Following the hero section, I chose to provide some information on the services just to give a small sample while having a section on reviews. This was to give validation to the claims to site provides on the services provided.
The color and font I chose for this site was to give an app/tech vibe to help the user feel they are using a modern product.
Final Design
I really enjoyed designing this website. It was a challenge making a concept site without goals/objectives from a client but it allowed me to challenge myself creatively to design something not only visually pleasing but to lay out information and design concepts to how I’d feel it would best be represented.