Gangala Landscaping wanted a redesign for his website because he felt the design at the time was out of date. He wanted the structure of the site to be centered on his portfolio while also improving the conversion rate for receiving more estimate requests for jobs.
Design Goals
  • Identify where and why users drop-off on the landing page.

  • Improve the conversion rate of estimate requests.

  • Solution: Designing a portfolio-centered website that showcases what the company has and can do.

Problem Statement
  • Improving the conversion rate. Even though people were visiting the website, they would leave without making an estimate request.


Figma & Webflow


UX Designer

User Research
I wanted to organize the portfolio to have a filter system to organize which pictures appear. Gangala Landscaping offers over 10 different job types and I wanted to only show the top 3 job types to avoid clutter.
In an attempt to understand the user's interests, Gangala Landscaping created an email campaign in which he sent an email to all his customers and sent them a link to a Google Form asking “What project are you thinking of doing in the future?”.
The results showed that the three most popular job types were Landscape Design, Patio, and planting out of 53 participants.

After having understood the fundamentals of what was needed for the portfolio and both the Learn and Define steps in the design process understood, I wanted to start designing the structure of the site


During the designing process I made some sketches to get a visual idea of how I want the wireframes and flow of the site to go.

Color Palette

I wanted to go with natural colors for the color palette of the site. This was the idea because of the nature of the business being outdoors and also the logo uses some natural colors. Before choosing the colors, I decided to look for an image for the hero section and found this one for inspiration.

User Testing
The goal for the user testing was to ensure the portfolio didn't have any bugs and to get overall feedback on the site.

5 users were given a link to the prototype at the time along with a Google Forms link and asked 3 questions.

  • How would you rate the portfolio section? 1-5

  • Do you think the color palette matches the brand? Yes or No

  • Is there anything about the design that you'd change or point out?


The results concluded that the designs were responded to positively.

  • The portfolio section was rated 4.8/5

  • When asked if the color palette matched the design, 80% agreed


Is there anything about the design that you'd change or point out?

“I think the color and buttons match the logo and brand really well”
“I would've preferred a more dark design but overall looks great”
“I really like how responsive and fluid the portfolio turned out. Great job!”
“Id add more call to action buttons to improve the conversion rate”
“Minimalist and to the point. Love the design”
The User Testing proved to be a great success and gave me insight to some changes that made after the tests.
Call to Action
One of the main goals of the site is improve the conversion rate for new estimates via email. I was suggested to add a call to action in the hero section to encourage the user to sign up for a free estimate.



Conversion Rate
In an attempt to improve the conversion rate, I designed a call to action in the hero and footer section of the site. I did this so users wouldn’t miss estimate requests.
According to Webflow’s analytics, in the first month, Gangala Landscaping received 29 form submissions. Of the 29 form submissions, 18 were new customers in the greater Parsippany area, where the business is located. The remaining 11 were existing customers requesting estimates for new jobs. The data shows that the conversion rate is improving and that the Problem Statement was accomplished.

Before & After



  • Looking back at the objectives of the site, I can say it was delivered as promised. The goal of the site was to  have a modern portfolio showcasing the different jobs that Gangala Landscaping does. The research allowed me to showcase what users want to see and are curious about doing. This also contributes to the conversion rate as it encourages them to get new estimates. After the first month, the call to action proved to be successful and the client was really happy with the outcome.